She said yes!

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Dec 14, 2008
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East Yorkshire
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Proposed to the Girl Friend last night at works do, well got my arm twisted by most there.

Luckily she said yes!
Congratulations. I hope she wont get jealous about the 1000's of other girls in your life
:cheers2::cheers2: Nice one James congratulations. Why is it we all need our arms twisted:confused:
Congratulations Jim.

hope you are having mead at the wedding.
Are you sure she like Bees or will that have to go

And why shouldn't she?:cheers2:.
Many congratulations -
Thanks all for the replys.

No dates or venues set, yet, but we are thinking about the cruise we allready have booked for easter 2010 of a wedding on-board, saves all the "hangers on", but can also be an open invite, so if anyone wants to come, will be the Sea Princess 2010 26 March for 2 weeks.

If not will be a very small in the UK, basiclay just parents and a couple of others.

Are you sure she like Bees or will thet have to go

Yes, She does like my bees. We have now been together for nearly 5 years, so she is aware of my odd hobbies etc.

She has never go involved in my bees, not becuase she does not like the bees, but she has a phobia of repeating patterns and therfore a honey comb is her worst night mare!!!!

So got that, and I got a 50" Plasma TV today so I am happy:cheers2:

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