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  • Sorry bout the slow reply...I'm still getting the hang of this forum ... I'll keep an eye out for stainless bar.... but finding 2" plate is easy.... but the skinny stufff tends to come out kinda bent. I'll see what I can find. Regards,

    i have had a one to one mix in a small top feeder , on top of my crown boards for about a fortnight now, for some reasonmy lot did not like to take the fondant i brought for them, dont know why may be they are just fussy. so any time you like realy and i was planning on feeding for about another four weeks just to start the spring build up but to stop before the main flow starts with the spring flowers, i dont have any supers on and i realy want to make sure the little sods go and fill at least 8 frames or more before the time i do, i that way i force them to keep the syrup down stairs, pete
    trying to upload this amount of video onto you tube takes ages iam a affraid some time up to several hours for a ten minute video
    Hi Hedegerow,
    i enjoyed your nuc making video but could only find the part one of the body not part two. I am poised and the suspense is killing me! Where can I find part two? I am enthused......
    Hi Pete
    I have watched your video "making a nuc box body part 2 and you make it lok bery simple but you dont give the dimensions, I have looked all over the place for them but cannot find them.
    The vid is brill, all I need is the dimensions and I can go into production.
    Can you let me have them.
    Cheers if you can.

    Hi Pete

    Last year you posted your production figures. I know you took some flack for it, but I for one found it a very interesting thread, and your results inspiring. Fancy doing it again?

    I have built a vac bee vac as suggested by your ideas. I have used a brood box and a super. I made a 12mm base board and a top as per your video. I use a Zannusi vacuum which has a variable speed motor and a suction adjustment in its hose. I have used an out of date credit card to control the suction in the bee vac. I have not tried it out on bees but it works wonders on butterflies. Thanks for the insperation. Regards Chip972
    Hi pete only had 18 mil and 9 mil ply available but with a slight adjustment to your dims' was able to knock up a couple of 14"x12" nucs this affy!!

    Ta for the idea, keep them coming :auto:

    John Wilkinson
    Hello Pete, I saw your videos on making a nuc box, do you have a document that gies a list of all the pieces and their size? There is also mention of a video to construct a solar wax melter but i cannot find it, is it still online?

    Many thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge - by the way what software did you use to edit/prepare your videos?

    kind regards

    Hi Pete,
    Great videos, just made your solar wax melter, should get enough sun as beekeeping in Perth, Western Australia. Next project the bee vac.

    kind regards


    Just wanted to let you know, that if you are interested I can supply you with organic bulk honey from Bulgaria, 100 % pure herbal honey directly from producers for 2GBP per 1 kg if there are big orders.

    Kind regards
    Hi Pete
    I was told at thornes to use Cuprinol clear on outside of of the hive only!
    i saw on one of your vidio's you use it on the inside of the hive, is there any reason for this, it is insect friendly?
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