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  • Aahhh! men! Will phone Margaret as she is making arrangements... Should finish about 9:45 - 10pm depends on question time which we now always finish with

    My friend's dad has now said that he can take us back from Lewes tomorrow... So no lift required anymore!!!
    What time roughly will it finish???
    I think I may have to take your offer of a lift this Wed for the assoc meet. Mum/Dad can get me to Lewes but would it be possible if you could drop me back at Nutley (where my grandparents live) after the meeting?
    Obviously don't worry if you can't as I know that Nutley is quite along way off your route.

    Ben P
    Hello Heather, I have just had Charles Keen treat our hive with oxalic acid. He has had a quick peep at couple of frames in brood box. Confirmed that I must continue with feeding of fondant as they have no stores. I had a smallish plastic box inverted over one hole in crown board.

    He said to get two bigger boxes, make holes in the bottom of boxes (ice cream tub like boxes) fill with fondant. Then stand over the crown board holes. Do this with an empty super on to act as an eke.

    Fondant can dry up and go as hard as a lump of sugar?? if not enclosed?? if put on top of frames I loose heat from the brood if I have to see if they have used up fondant??

    If fondant on top of frames it is closer to the bees I can see that. I have had fondant get moist and a drop of "syrup" dripped down onto the veroa board I had in place. Easy to just slap a load of fondant on frames ! What is the BEST THING I can do ?


    ps thanks for the *super* pollen meeting and all the tasty grub LOL !!
    Sent membership form in the post today. Probably won't be able to attend any winter meetings due to school but will go to summer ones.
    For the swarms my exact location is Piltdown (near Uckfield) but will be willing to travel all over East/West Sussex to pick any up.
    Thanks for all the help,

    Ben P
    Go to Brighton & Lewes bee keepers and download membership form- do the cheapest going - it is really for insurance for you- then email me [email protected] and send details so I can put you on the list for next March/April. If you want to come to meetings during winter |I can give you a lift
    Thanks Heather,
    Do you have to pay a membership fee for the asscociation? Do you have a list where people can put their names down for swarms at the association?

    Ben P
    Hello Heather, found you ! I have just bought 2 mouse guards and some food. I have a National Hive in bits to make up ?? and try to get it going for next year. Can I ? lol Thanks for your help and encouragement. Mike
    Thinking of expanding next year by a couple of colonies, therefore do you know of any swarm lists that I could put my name down for in our area.

    Thanks Ben P
    No we had a meeting at our new apiary. I am driving up to Stoke tomorrow for a birthday party!!! Why - what happened at Stoneleigh - and why have you come through as unapproved message!!
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