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  • Hiya Tony its dave pardo john asked if i was still interested and the answer is very much a yes how soon do we get started?
    kind regards
    Thanks for all your help collecting the hives They are still on the drive waiting to be moved but I am going to put them on the south side of the house to dry out a bit
    Hi Tony, thanks for the welcome ;) I'll be looking out for your posts old and new - I'm trying to get to see some hives and bees and yes I'll be keeping the harvest and practicalities at the front of my mind. Thanks again!
    Sprouts are one of my favourite vegetables!
    I didn't got to the show but I did sit in a field on the other side of the A143 to watch the RedArrows!
    Hi Tony, I dont know if you rember but we were chatting the other night, and you mentioned that you may have some frames for ND if so please contact me here thanks.
    if i have made a mistake please dump this mail in the bin
    hiya tony thanx for info for this forum looks like i could gain some useful knowledge here
    kind regards dave
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