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  • Hello Veg

    I offered some nucs for sale via the beecraft magazine and a lady has been in touch with me to ask for a nuc. Because I do collection only (Suffolk) and the lady lives in Wales I said to her that I would try and find out the blokes name in Tonryefail who I remember you mentioned some time ago as being very good. Please could you pass me his details so that I can pass it on to her. I did give your name 'Veg' via the beekeeping forum so she may contact you direct - her name is Vicky. Thanks.
    Tim Berni (originally from Neath).
    bloody hell!! he`s a great guy hope he gets better soon. how long have you been keeping bees then. is it right i heard you are moving the apiary site away from pencoed.
    i used to be, but didn`t renew my membership this year, not sure why really, time mostly. was in the beginners class 2 years ago with andy
    i live in blackmill, not to far from you. i work in llan, so am in that valley all the time.
    Hi Craig
    Still havnt decide Swansea or Bridgend
    How much for the year membership and do they do a refresher course etc for the varroa stuff
    Hi Craig
    Still deciding Poly or Cedar I know the price diffrence is huge but my mate had a look at the poly and he said they looked like fish boxes LOL
    Though you may find this funny I never thought of them like that
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