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  • Any chance you've got a bigger copy of your avatar?
    The wife has named our apiary 'Pooh Corner' and would like a little wooden sign with a bee on it.

    Many Thanks!
    Great minds think alike! Tin had or Can of worms is what i think is needed for a smiley!! glad someone else isnt a bunny hugger, but also realises the need for humane dispatch of foxes
    Please PM me if you want a copy of the draft letter to send to your local MP !!

    Remember - Apathay breeds contempt - contempt for our Bees !!
    I wouldn't treat a 2nd time - you only do that with Thymol gel anyway.

    What did you get at Thornes for £3 ??? !!!

    around tomorrow if you want to catch up


    no... i can hear a buzzing noise from within and just have everything crossed

    Oxalic Acid concerns me. If the bees get OA on them, wouldn't that chill them in this weather? (even if I do heat it to 25 degrees before giving it to them)

    Unfortunately I did not do a count after treating them on boxing day and and not sure if they need a second go.
    does the two week rule still apply in winter? ... is it worth waiting or should I do it regardless of the bitter wind??


    Thornes delivered on Thursday!! :)

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