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Jul 28, 2008
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A new Beekeeping auction site:

Over the last couple of weeks I have had great fun designing a new Beekeeping auction website.
There are a number of reasons behind the move:

It will allow our commercial members the ability to advertise their products to members without the need to spam the forum.
Any member running a course during 2010 can advertise the details.
Members will be able to offer Bees/Queens for sale,something that is not allowed on Ebay.

The cost for sellers and buyers is nothing,it is free for everyone as it will benefit all members who are looking for a bargain or have something to sell.

I was tempted to import all members usernames and passwords into the auction database but as there are a different set of terms and conditions I have decided against it as members have not opted in to be included.

I have tested the software and it does seem to be free of bugs,auction software costs around £1000 to buy but I have taken a few bits of open source software and pegged everything together for free so we may have a few early hiccups.

It may become a pants idea but it has cost nothing but time on my part.

Your feedback would be very much appreciated as its a work in progress although everything seems to be working.

Beekeeping Auction

Well done Mark, I would bid for the Manuka Honey if I knew how much I was getting for my 99p!!

Looks OK to me and I wish it well.
Will Widdershins be the first to list?
She is very welcome to..

Come on you Beehaus guys,get your courses listed!!
Nice one The Queen of the Forum and Auction site.
Congrats a bloody good effort.

Sounds like its getting even better,can now sell some pretty gabled roofed hives complete with bee's,which is forbidden in some places.
Thats the idea Hivemaker ;)

It's open to non-members of the forum as well, so traffic should be good if I weave my magic on the search engines.

I was thinking what Items should we not allow?
I was thinking no compact disc's or written "How to keep bees" items for 99pence.

Also no Internet online beekeeping correspondence courses.

Does that sound reasonable to members?
Hi Admin,

As we know there are off shoots to beekeeping namely Microscopy.
What are your thoughts regarding allowing microscopes and possibly chemicals to be auctioned?
If this is open to outsiders then people like Brunel and Timstar could have a pitch on the site.
With this I truly think you are going to have to keep a tight reign on things.