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  • Rooftops, morning, I understand you might be trying to put together a supply project for 14x12 national format Jumbo's at a +100g moulding density. If you are then I'd appreciate being kept informed and on the 'unofficial' waiting list if there is such a thing. I've been wanting to introduce a bit of comparative interest into my hive formats and that fits the bill. Could you let me know the lie of the land when you get a chance. Thanks, Ross
    I have now changed over completely to plastic foundation in both standard and medium depth langstroth. There are a number of suppliers of this foundation in the States but transport costs are high so the stuff we sell comes from Europe.

    Forgot to add, the bees are doing well on it. No different to normal wax foundation.
    Hi Rooftops,I notice you were going to change over to plastic foundation.Have you done so yet ?.Where is it available in the U.K. or has it to come from America.If you've changed over,how are you getting on with it ?.
    All the best ,John Adams
    Hello, gloves have arrived safely and fit perfectly! Thank you so much for the suggestion and the speedy service.

    Hi rooftops, I use 14X12 nationals. Do you have a conversion kit to use 14X12 in the new larger Langstroths? What about supers for the BB do you have ot haver another conversion to use nationals or would you recommend moving over to L:angstroth supers as well. I wanted to experiment with a poly BB but I am beginning to sense all sorts of issues with wanting to use my 14X12s. I am kitted out for about 20 hives so it would be no mean feat to switch to langstroths. I don't want to be in the position of having mixed frames again. Please advise. cheers, Brian
    Hi rooftops, just read another thread. do you do a poly 14X12? If so, how much for the constituent parts and the whole caboodle?
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