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  • Hi Bcrazy, dont know if this would interest you..... after a botched fondant tub disaster i now have a dozen worker bee's in my freezer fresh today! don't know much about them as they where a swarm late last year but i would be interested in finding anything about them
    please let me know if you would like them sending down

    hanks again
    Hi Sara,
    Where do you live? try and get in touch with the nearest Beekeeping association and ask them for advice. How do you know the bees are honey bees and not bumble bees? Sorry for the questions. Good luck in your quest to find help in the local area. Take care. Mo.
    hi im not sure what to put i dont know mutch about bees but i have just found some hunny bees in my garden and would like to know the safest way to remove them but i dont want them to be killed im not sure what you call them i thimk its combs and from what i could see i think their is more than 2 they have made their home in my compost bin could u give me a little advice please on how to remove them thank you
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