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  • Hi Dani, would this response to comments be acceptable
    "I disagree, a hop based product is available in the UK, I have used it and a friend in Cornwall has used it , we both love it. A similar product I the USA gets rave reviews and trial against other products fairs well."
    Good morning. Given that yet another beginner is taking up beekeeping with no experience in order to 'save the bees' , would it make sense to amend the So, you are looking to start beekeeping sticky to point out which bees need saving? I admit that this is something of a hobby horse for me. I have seen too many well-meaning bee savers give up after the first set back.
    Best wishes
    Good evening, I am an old hand at Beekeeping 30+ years and still enjoying my hobby, however I do have to have a Lifting Assistant these days as the crates are too heavy when manipulating. I am a Comb Honey Producer in the Northeast of Scotland working Double Brood in WBC’s. Over the years I have had Polystyren, Nationals, 12 Bar, Glen, Skep and of course my original WBC’s. Regards Brenda
    Terry....Just spotted your message,
    I must admit I never look in here. Better to start a conversation but I've seen it now. Please do start a new thread with your list and I will put it in the Sticky section for you OR send me your post in a conversation (Used to be PMs) and I'll post it for you
    Good idea.....
    Skiing by any chance? Have a great time
    Dani Akrigg, Hillside,Garth Row,Kendal,Cumbria,LA8 9AT

    and thanks.
    Certainly. Let me have your address. It might be a while because I am off to France in a week. And I don't have the book yet! Hope that's OK. What a nice way to be in touch. X
    PM me your address and I will post one to you in new year!

    can not send out of UK... although cousins in Canada took some acorns back with them!

    cheers....................Dave Ledger
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