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  • Good morning. Given that yet another beginner is taking up beekeeping with no experience in order to 'save the bees' , would it make sense to amend the So, you are looking to start beekeeping sticky to point out which bees need saving? I admit that this is something of a hobby horse for me. I have seen too many well-meaning bee savers give up after the first set back.
    Best wishes
    Skiing by any chance? Have a great time
    Dani Akrigg, Hillside,Garth Row,Kendal,Cumbria,LA8 9AT

    and thanks.
    Certainly. Let me have your address. It might be a while because I am off to France in a week. And I don't have the book yet! Hope that's OK. What a nice way to be in touch. X
    PM me your address and I will post one to you in new year!

    can not send out of UK... although cousins in Canada took some acorns back with them!

    cheers....................Dave Ledger
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