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That'll be me then !

However, over a lifetime in business (most of the time MY business) I have discovered that going to court, unless you have a totally cast iron case, is a bit of a lottery. The only people who have a guaranteed win are the lawyers (and I don't begrudge them a penny of their fees). It is an expensive business and an amicable settlement (usually unacceptable to either party) at the earliest opportunity is the best resolution. Sheer bloody-mindedness is never a good reason to invoke a legal process.

Having said that I have been at the receiving end of a totally bloody minded individual, who had no case, who spent virtually nothing persuing something that was complete nonsense, cost me £12k in legal fees and producing evidence, ultimately bringing the case to a Land Registry tribunal, only because there was no other way to permit the sale of a property by winning. Only to have him settle on the day before the hearing on a solution that I had offered 9 months earlier on the day he raised the neighbour boundary dispute. The only consolation ... in the meantime the house went up in value more than it cost me in the delay and legal costs and the people I sold the house to turned out to be his neighbours from hell ... I could not have wished for more.

Sounds like part or the process I went through to obtain a divorce.
The same compromise I offered three years previously was accepted after £7000 in legal fees paid by me.
The other party was funded by legal aid !!!.
No. Be reasonable. The whole kit and caboodle.;)
Proper Honey
Proper Bees
Proper Beekeeper
Organically produced
Post brood
Virgin comb
Natural comb
Cold extracted
Wild harvested
Pristine single source
Wild floral landscape honey
Micro batched
Non homogenized
Sustainably produced
Pot Set

I must have left heaps out.
My labels will need enlarging..:eek:
Those of us who keep “satsuma” bees are missing a trick here


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