Is this honey ?

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Oct 12, 2009
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preston. Lancashire
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30 + 25 nucs
Your thoughts please
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Well he may lose some of the finer pollen grains- so lose flavour- I do one double filter and jar immediately. I dont see why the need for such a palaver
seem at odds with the info page they have, quote :-

we beleive that honey should be raw not heat treated not over filtered we want you to taste the real beautiful honey the bees create

is five times filtering not defeating the point of local honey, also noted that they normally charge £185 for a nuc
With an election looming and plenty of politicians queuing up to tell us how great they are claims like we filter five times can mean a lot of things
What is the manufactured honey they mention?
How do I make some?
Sadly Peter, only girls can make honey :)

No heating? either his first filter is like a chain link fence or he has the patience of a Saint, or two.

It strikes me that there is no point in using the same sized filter twice, so how small is the final one? Maybe he doesn't heat the honey, but has an unnaturally hot honey house at 40 degrees C.
Try their home page. The dying bees are a bit sad and spelling and grammar not their strong point either. Note they are offering bees for sale. I suspect there will be quite a few people doing that this year.
If they want people to have honey as it would be from the comb then surely cut comb or sections would be more appropriate sales.
Sugar water is clear , balsam honey is pale in colour as a beekeeper you should know this . Also we filter our honey through a double strainer and muslin cloth and that is it. Then we jar the honey, and we have all the time in the world waiting for it to filter through we don't do cut comb honey we have never been asked for it our customers are happy with what they receive . It doesn't matter how many times you filter honey it is still local and raw as explained to us by our regional bee inspector Ian Molyneaux . We have a large muslim customer base who like the cappings from the comb in the honey but the vast majority of white english people do not like anything in their honey. oh and rooftops keep drinking the cider lol .
There are more than a few doubtful matters here.

Full colony including 3lbs of bees.... and I stopped there. Since when did a full colony have just three lbs of bees?

Filter raw honey 5 times.... LOL

I filtered my creamed honey once.

I canna be bothered to go on, the sp is rubbish so what does that tell you?

Well you have obviously got an issue here haven't you polyhive ? who said about 3lb's of bees and a full colony ?. As i have said above i do not filter my honey five times i double strain it and put it through a muslin cloth and that's it my website needs updating but i haven't had the time .
Lol you dont have time to update your business website but have time to post here:cheers2:
cheeky xxxxxx my web master is greek and and lives in athens and also what the hell has it to do with you ?.
yes the vast majority of english people do not like bits of wax in their honey i should have worded that better i apologise
I take it you dont believe in freedom of speech you may want to tell your web master to use a spell checker as well :cheers2:
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i do believe in free speech, but i'm not a dictator so i don't believe in telling anyone what to do .
order some and find out ??

Dare Ya !