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  • 2.11 in the morning don't you sleep. I've just started to keep bees, got mine from Thrybergh and belong to SRBA, they are lovely bees, very docile and gave them a full inspection last weekend and although the brood box was not quite full put on a super which they are building out. I'm going to inspect the nuc box at home this evening, these bees were a caste and I believe the queen has mated, lots of collecting going on. If she has brood and have fill out some comb I may put them in a full hive. I'm really into the beekeeping lark and want to expand, but walk before you run etc. see what the winter brings. I let you know what's happened this evening with the inspect.
    Hi to you too, looked you up, once I found out how to do it, and you are also based in South Yorkshire. My bees live on the outskirts of Sheffield.
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