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thurrock bees

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Aug 1, 2009
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Haywards Heath, Sussex
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hi beek's
I were wondering what people's thoughts are on the current weather, as its been warm ( 16oC plus) in oct/nov in Essex.
Ive noticed the bees are very busy and must like to weather being this way, i feel that this weather is nice for me and my bees, surely it can't be good thats it's so warm this time of year.

chris TB
yes - 18 degrees here briefly today.

Lots of pollen still coming in which means the Q is still laying. If i had had the time today i would have probably checked on 1 colony. but it looks to be greyer colder weather by the weekend.

In all my years of beekeeping I have never been tempted to look inside so late in the season !!

I wonder how the stores are looking as if the Q is laying well, then all the new bees will be feeding on the syrup fed last month....any thoughts on this ?

I don't usually feed candy until the winter months, if at all, but this year I might just pop some on earlier

thoughts ?
I checked the association bees today opened up 1 hive that wasnt doing too well on last inspection. The queen was very busy laying, and the hive has built back up, so closed up and left alone. Loads of pollen going into all hives. The temps have been constant here nearly all month. :cheers2:
Bees in Yorkshire are out and about wearing knotted hankees and bringing in what looks like ivy and dogwood. Have left them too it though, no hive inspections. Have 'hefted' the hive, pointless really I wouldn't know what a well weighted hive was if it jumped up and stung me! I do know they've had the best part of 25ltrs of double strength syrup back in Sept and I left them a super of honey ta'boot so if they need more they can discover dieting me thinks. That said I have the one colony going into winter and seeing them through to a succesful spring (and a hoped for expansion to 3 14x12 hives) is more important than a good crop.
It's a mixed blessing. Some of the bees think it's spring and turning all their feed into more bees instead of storing it for the winter. Some will definitely need nursing through with candy in spite of guzzling 4 or 5 gallons of syrup.
In all my years of beekeeping I have never been tempted to look inside so late in the season !!

I might sneak a peek on Saturday (17 degrees is 'forecast' with light winds in our part of the world!)

14 degrees on Sunday and 12 degrees on Monday, so if you are going to, Saturday is a good day.

... if the forecast is right!
Yep, same in Sussex. I still have butterflies, and bumbles - and a second batch of strawberries!!
Hives still feel heavy, can only just lift, but pollen going in, so quandary here too - do I open and check - or leave them to presume they know best....
Will candy in January if weather not too cold.
Either way we are all in for a shock from early next week, back to reality I am afraid....colder weather is on its way so like the bees, enjoy it while you can!!

Longterm trend link :-

In Finland we have day temps near zero celcius and nights are -5 to - 7C.
Bees have been this month in winter cluster. I must put winter tyres uder my car.
Just looked at that, Jez - it appears to be in some form of German ? have they invaded Manchester ?


lol, there are many forecasting models covering the world, this is one that I like to monitor over the Winter months - better than MO for trends appearing :)
I think every thing feels it is spring, I have pussy willow starting to open too and it hasnt dropped all of its leaves yet. There isnt that much left for Bees to forage on out there. My only concern is that Bees will use up their winter reserves by going out looking for food. Having said that they are finding some yellow and bright orange pollen from some where. I hope things settle down soon and the weather remains stable or we could see some high losses in colonies if temperature warms up in December.
Don't know which part of the uk you hail from but my bees are bucketing pollen in, in a variety of colours ?

John Wilkinson
same down here in my neck of the woods girls are busy busy:):)
I was down in Portsmouth end of April, weather was fantastic then :)

John Wilkinson
lol, there are many forecasting models covering the world, this is one that I like to monitor over the Winter months - better than MO for trends appearing :)

The header on that chart seems to indicate that it is the temperature at an atmospheric pressure of 850hPa = circa 5000ft OK I know the rain falls out the sky but Manchester is at circa 125ft.

But I doubt you'd get any info from the Met Office without paying.
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regarding weather - for realtime and a pretty accurate forecast I use the Weather Underground site.

You need to find your nearest airport - civilian or military and it'll then base itself near you. The site gathers data for airports etc so is pretty accurate and realtime too - the maps are great fun to see cloud cover (mind you i can ususally tell it's cloudy just by looking upwards !)
i noticed today that the trees are dropping their leafs now, maybe thats a sign that the good times are ending?

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