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  • Ross, The new national hive from MB should be ready very soon - it is supposed to ship from the supplier at the end of this week. Initially, the only way to make a 14 * 12 would be to use 2 supers and a thin distance piece, a bit like a shallow eke. This will achieve the right size but obviously it is not ideal. It will be a matter of judging demand to see if a 14 * 12 complete body would be worthwhile. When the new hive arrives we will look at the idea of a distance piece - probably cut out of suitable sheet material - and look at offering it as an extra.

    Hi Ross,
    Sorry if you have tried posting me before but this is the only message I have recieved so I wasn't ignoring you or anything, in fact I was going to message you this evening to find out which area you come from.
    I live in Riccall, between York and Selby and am actually a member of the Barkstone Ash beekeepers association. I also tried joining the York association (twice) before eventually giving up and joining Barkstone Ash instead. So good luck with your efforts!
    Our's is not a bad little club, not as big as York but steadily building up it's numbers.
    I've been beekeeping for just over a year now after buying a couple of colonys from James, I've got 2 nationals (was 3 but one absconded last week!) and one top bar hive which contains a swarm I caught in a bait hive a few months ago.
    I also make and sell beehives, nucs and other beekeeping items (unashamed plug!!)
    If you are ever in my area and want to have a look at my bees you will be most welcome
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