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Nov 10, 2008
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Maesteg South Wales
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Ok after having problems uncapping using a heat gun (they work really well if there is an air gap between honey and capping) Which do you recommend I am not worried about the cost of the electric one but more interested in do they work that much better.
Ideally looking to hear from someone who has used both types.
Oh and where you got yours from.

Many thanks
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Paul Metcalf, president of the Norfolk BKA, has often said that if he was ever on 'desert island discs' his luxury item would be an electric uncapping knife!!
Veg, when you have 9 hives, you really need an elecrict knife. With thermostat is the only good. And is it 400 w, the strongest.

When you uncap, it works best if the combs are heaten to temp 35.
At temp of 25 c knife is slow and unconfortable. But as warm extract prosessing goes better.
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I used a bog standard carving knife to extract tons of honey.


We bought a really bad electric uncapping knife from a Thorne's supplier in our area. Supposedly "top of the range" but it ended up fusing our electrics. Sent it back nowand they said that they would repair or replace it.

Ben P
Not fit for purpose? Check the legalities and tell them that the experience has damaged your confidence and that you worry for your personal safety. Offer some newspaper publicity.

I'm with PH and the long thin serrated blade and the warm combs; backed up with an uncapping fork for any area with depressions that the knife might not reach properly.
I'm with polyhive on this I do have an uncapping knife but its the standard flat knife, never even sharpened it
Yep- long thin ham knife- really sharp, whistles through- and I strain all cappings in a sieve which rests in a bowl--in 24 hours- 2lb honey and pure wax which then gets heated, strained cooled in blocks and sold. :sifone:
And also gives bees work to do in rebuilding the combs and partly keeps them busy and out of mischief.... (swarming)

I have two electrict knives. It cools a bit and I change the knife.
It works fine.

I bought a fruit press too that I get the honey from cappings. It is better to put at once the cappings into press and not to wait they they run dry.

The amount of honey is huge in cappings.

Bread knife - not one with angular serrations, but the one with scalloped serrations. The electric knife was a pile of pants in comparison.

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