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May 7, 2009
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Whitstable, Kent
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I have been told by a couple of people that it is important to tell your bees the family news, a quick search found this;

"Apparently, the tradition of telling the bees the news dates back to Medieval England. Bees were told the significant events in a community such as births, marriages and deaths. Telling the bees the news ensured that they did not take offence and stop producing honey.

The Bee Boy's Song

Bees! Bees! Hark to your Bees!
'Hide from your neighbours as much as you please,
But all that has happened, to us you must tell,
Or else we will give you no honey to sell!'

A maiden in her glory,
Upon her wedding day,
Must tell her Bees the story
Or else they'll fly away.
Fly away - die away -
Dwindle down and leave you!
But if you don't deceive your Bees
Your Bees will not deceive you.

Marriage, birth or buryin'
News across the seas,
All you're sad or merry in,
You must tell the Bees,
Tell 'em coming in an' out
Where the Fanners fan.
'Cause the Bees are just about
As curious as a man!

Don't you wait where trees are,
When the lightnings play,
Nor don't you hate where Bees are
Or else they'll pine away -
Pine away - dwine away -
Anything to leave you!
But if you never grieve your Bees,
Your Bees will never grieve you.

Rudyard Kipling"

Any one else know anything about this?

Kipling eh! reminds me of when I asked a modern young gel whether she liked Kipling - "dunno....... never kippled":svengo:
A couple of days ago there was an afternoon play on radio 4 called 'telling the bees' in which a deceased beekeeper had left a note for his wife reminding her to do so. May be available on Listen Again.
Yep, my Dad has the same thing. actually, sitting telling something animate (which won't interupt) your probs has got to be pretty good therapy. Particularly as hives are generaly in nice quiet spots away from OH, in-laws, and small children!
I try and talk to the bees but it is often hard to get a word in edgeways...... women!! :toetap05:
I try and talk to the bees but it is often hard to get a word in edgeways...... women!! :toetap05:

Well I do find that the tone of the buzz tells me quite a bit about the mood of the bees. All you have to do is listen to them (and agree :laughing-smiley-014)

OK. Pete and Rosti,

I will say that it was my wife who sent me this one:

Best joke of the year: Two women were sitting quietly together.....

that's it!

Regards, RAB
around are part of England it is well known for telling the bees if the master
passes away it is thought that the bees will stay with the new master and not

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