The war, the bees, russia and the UK

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Have you been called up?
There are two syrens nearby. When the wind blows from that direction they howl like hell, as if it's in the backyard. But at that night one of them didn't work and another one was not so "hellish". I don't know why.
People install special applications on their devices. I don't have it, I use old-fashioned Nokia :) (imo smartphones rather distract people than give something useful). Anyway we can't run to the shelter every time when puten has diarhea. Sometimes it happen 3-5 times at night, but not so often as at the beginning.
When the Russians destroyed the dam, surely this flooded some of their minefields- has that helped clear any?
Actually counteroffensive is not going there but, who knows, it can be there. There are several options for that. Some of the russian positions were destroyed by the flood. Currently we know that groups of special forces operate on the left bank of the river so russians have to use artillery. The fact is that they don't control some places of the left bank in the south. As for minefields, as I know there are many special vehicles have arrived from the western countries after our troops got heavy loses in the south.
Good to hear from you again. Our weather where I am ha been bad for honey this year. Had great spring harvest but very poor summer. I have already consolidated hives and am preparing them for winter, treating for varroa and so on. Keep safe.

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