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  • sorry i was slow getting back to you, been busy lying down and job hunting again!!!

    the temp module is running spot on at 37 degrees without any changes made but there is no real need to alter it so far any way.

    many many thanks for the help on that, peter
    Hi Brosville, ;) thanks for your reply and tips - you've given me a good line of thinking to get started with. thanks again. Kevin
    They will naturally tend to make some "honey only" combs, the "mixed" ones you leave for them!
    i like the idea of tbh,think i will make one for next year if i can keep my first and only colony alive through the winter and multiply. but what i don,t understand is if the Q has free run of all the bars and comb,how do you manage to get combs of just honey?it is in my mind that you cut out capped honey sections (or am i wrong.
    hello there - read the article you posted a link on regarding permaculture - thought it was facinating - do you have any pointers to further information on Permaculture in the uk ?

    Kind regards

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