Melting wax

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Hmm now on the spot.

£50 deposit and £10 for a weekend. Filters included but NOT surgical lint. That you can stitch up yourselves. :)

Again a constructive and informative post by PH - thanks. You are a credit to the forum.
Today's Topical Tip: If melting wax outdoors make sure it is either very cold or raining*, otherwise, the smell will attract large numbers of bees who will perish on the hot wax/water.

thanks for that tip. never knew that

Well, I haven't any moulds or wicks but definitely one day yes.
I love anything creative if it's nature based. It's so relaxing.
They probably go for a good price I'd imagine too.
More economic than swapping it for foundation.

YOu should see my collection of cowpat table mats. They are soooo cool.
Can anyone suggest why the wax I have recovered from old brood frames by heating in a stainless steel pan with rainwater and filtering through a mesh then leaving to settle is GREEN. I have done this a few times with slight variations in the equipment I have used, but each time, I get a horrible green lump of wax.
Yes, I did. I was wrong about it working. The wax is still green. The acid seems to cause a deposit of what looks like copper sulphate on the bottom of the wax, but the wax above it is still green

That sounds to me as though it has worked - but not completely.

Did you try repeating until you no longer got the "copper sulphate" solution underneath?