how old are you?

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how old are you, are you in your....

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Dec 25, 2008
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By that there Forest
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easy one this, lets get a snapshot of the ages of people that post on this here forum

no need to post you age just vote on the poll thats about to appear.

Great We have not had a poll in ages, I like them.

But this is just a poll of forum beekeepers. What about thoses that dont even have a PC?

The RBI that came to me recently fell into that bracket.
I know Taff it was just a statment!

in the thread where the age of beekeepers came up, beesrob said the average age of beekeepers nationwide is 63, I'm not sure where that data has come from or how accurate it is although I imagine its not far off the mark.
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I would say just a visual of my local meets, and the people been on my courses, he is not far off.

BUT it is lowering (slowley), through new younger memebers and ....natural progresson of the older members :beatdeadhorse5::reddevil::Angel_anim::angelsad2:
Thanks for posting a poll for age statistic.
Now, I know the age of most of the members here.
It's seems young members are more in number than old members.
I am well within your scale Taff, but I do hope to be beekeeping well in to my 90s ;)

I could see everyone's age (range) until I voted. Now I cannot see this . Are us voters being discriminated against?

Regards, RAB
have you clicked on the number of people that have voted on each option?

that brings everyones names up for me.