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Not sure why the link is not work but here is a bit of the item.

"The world's most expensive honey - which costs £7 per teaspoon - has been made in Britain for the first time. Produced by bees which feast on rich manuka bushes, the honey is normally made in New Zealand.

But it is now being created by insects on these shores.

However, anyone thinking of spreading it all over their toast in the morning will be stung by the price.
The honey costs £50 for a 113g (4oz) pot - about £7 per teaspoon.

'The honey is expensive but it is Britain's only manuka honey,' said Jonathan Jones, garden director at the Tregothnan estate in Cornwall, which imported the bushes from New Zealand. 'It has become a lifestyle product, a luxury."
About 100,000 bees have the freedom of the estate, near Truro, and live in 20 hives which cost £5,000 each.
If the bees have the freedom of the estate i hope someone has checked the pollen to ensure its only from the mauka bushes.

Also if there are 100,000 bees in 20 hives then thats 5000 bees per hive making them not just the worlds most expensive hives but the world most expensive nucs
I wonder if I could get one of them bushes to grow near my hive?

Then I could sell it as "Grown in the same apiary as Manuka, source of the Worlds rarest honey"

[Does one hive, perched on the edge of a field of cows in Staffordshire, constitute an apiary, I wonder?]

Anyone who is daft enough to pay seven quid a thrunge , will surely pay me a stupid price!

So what are these £5000 hives that have some sort of temperature control ?
I understand the observation hive at Down House cost 8k on H&S grounds.......
hhhmmm .. the world has not seen Opium Poppy or Coca plant honey yet! I am sure that could be worth a fortune in the right (wrong!) circles! :party:
My son sent me some proper Manuka honey from New Zealand - he is spending 5 months travelling before settling down to being a proper architect. Perhaps £ 5,000 would be the price he would charge for designing a hive? The manuka honey is a very nice creamed honey, though it appears I have been spreading £21 worth on my toast for supper. Nice but i prefer borage or best of all heather honey.
the local shops to me are selling cut comb sections from turkey small is 360gms for £4.99 and large 600gms is £5.99 and they have neer the expensive bottles of booze is some iraqi honey for £23 for what looks like 500gms but dont have the guts to ask what it is

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