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  • Brian,

    Saw your offer of drawing sheets you use for your ply boxes and I'd be interested in getting hold of a copy.

    Also, please advise how you construct the boxes, joints you use, etc.

    Many thanks,


    Just to say the 14 * 12 frame conversion kit has now been added to the website. These are mainly aimed at people using these frames who want to use a poly nuc box, a suitable one for which we sell for a shade under £30.00. however they could also be used by anyone wanting to move from 14 * 12 to Langstroth, either standard or Jumbo, partiularly for those on Dartingtons.

    I am struggling to reply to your messages and I am not sure if you saw my first reply. Your messages do not appear like a normal PM for some reason and there doesn't seem to be a simple "Reply" button. On the assumption you get this meassage we will have a converison kit for 14 * 12 but it is really only meant to be used for our new deep nucs. It converts the frame to Langstroth in terms of top bar length and width. They are not meant to be used for long term beekeeping in hives. We will have a poly National later this year but it will only be standard National. A 14 * 12 brood body is not currently planned but I can see the need but realistically it would not be available before next season. We need to see how the standard poly National sells before deciding to go for a 14 * 12. Best regards, John Laidler
    Brian, Sorry we don't do a specific 14 * 12 nuc but the new Jumbo sized LS one will take 14 * 12 frames if they are converted using our kit. The kit should be available next week. The nuc is £29.80 and the kits will be about £7.50 - possibly a little more as due to demand I have had to oursource their manufacture which has increased the cost.
    Hi Brian,
    I'm not sure what Admin is on about a " hive logging software got got it I now know what he's talking about.
    Let me make a copy of it and I'll pop it in the post for you.
    Let me have your address and hopefully you should get it next week sometime.

    All the best

    Mo (Bcrazy)
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