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Site winna accept the Amazon link but there are 5 on there from £15. Ho hum....

Lets get real

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The question is do they realise it? I have mailed them on Xbay.
First line of their description

"About Revival Books

Our company is dedicated to providing you with the best quality, lowest cost products on eBay."

All I can say is LOL.
How on earth do you hit that combination of wrong buttons? go on, try it...
Can only think they are either chancers or (possibly more likely) used some automatic way of uploading their catalogue thats gone wrong
"Thank you for the e-mail. We are currently having some upload issue with e-bay and are working to resolve them. "

Well, the auction's ended and no-one's bought it!

But ...... you haven't lost the chance, it's been relisted - at the same price
if we all "bought" one then backed out it wouldn't harm our accounts BUT would temporarily hit them hard with the sellers fees until they get them refunded!!!!

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