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Some of us already do....... hive plans are available for free download, and have been for some time. It's certainly a good initiative, and to be encouraged - unlike another part of the same pamphlet exhorting people to fundraise for the BBKA, presumably so they can afford the bus fare for certain officers to swan off round Europe to attend "Bayer benefit gigs"
it's not just about hive plans, Brossy!

and why was I nor surprised to see you having another dig at the BBKA?

do you really dislike all the BBKA does?

why do you expect 'certain officers' to swan off round Europe to attend "Bayer benefit gigs" with BBKA money, ain't they (according to you) in the pocket of 'pestco' already, and therefore funded by 'pestco'?
I reckon they're fair game for a dig until they cease ALL cosy relationships with Big Pestco (at present, the CPA, the propaganda wing of the pesticide industry), apologise for the pesticide fiasco, eject those responsible, implement true and transparent democracy, and stop allowing "senior officers" to travel to Europe to lend "respectability" (oh irony!) to what are essentially Bayer PR junkets....
Ok, the idea of them actually apologising, instituting genuine democracy, booting out the architects of the pesticide fiasco, and finally severing all connections with the forces of darkness is about as likely as Monsanto giving up GMOs, but we can all dream........

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