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Oct 25, 2022
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Hi all!
I'm a latvian beekeeping beginner, 2 seasons so far, 4 hives. All still alive :D
I'm interested in challenges beekeepers have and solutions. I've started as well researching problem as a part of ClimateKit project and challenge topic, to understand how mostly beekeepers tackle problems and what's important.
Please help me out and share some challenges of your beekeeping work in this 5-7min long survey I've prepared at Beekeeper survey ENG - Conversation built with Tripetto
Answers are confidential and will be used only for my research purposes. Would be highly grateful!
Your survey suggests that you are connected in some way with an outfit promoting remote hive monitoring - which doesn't interest me.

However, welcome to the forum. It would be good to hear a little about beekeeping in Latvia.
Hello and welcome. Enjoy the forum and your bees!

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