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Jul 28, 2008
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could someone(Bcrazy if he reads this) please give an idea of compound scopes available for £100-£150 and upto £200.

I realise that you are not recomending certain brands but just giving an idea of the sort of thing available.

I am itching to but a scope and have a go and pollen grains this summer.

I did have a read here nut would prefer to see what others have to say.
Hi Admin

The article by Walker is good you won't find anyone better than him.

Give me a couple of hours and I'll come back to you.

Thanks Bcrazy.

I am in London Tuesday/Wednesday and offline so please dont rush for me.
It goes without saying that the camera zoom would have to be optical to be real.
Digital zoom is a waste of space reserved for advertising copywriters. I don't know anyone that actually uses the editing facilities provided on most cameras. This, along with the digital zooming is best done in your favourite photo editing package of course. Just in case there is anyone out there that might not appreciate the nonsense of "digital zoom".
If you can focus close enough - macro - the inherent detail to be found in todays 10 to 13Mpixel cameras allow the modest 4 or 5x optical zoom to be used to great advantage and the detail selectively extracted and enlarged from a small sample of the frame.
Not a microscope, but very useful, particularly if it does what you want. :cheers2: Can we look forward to some W Brom bee pictures on here any time soon Pete, or did Maplin fail to close a deal?
to tell the truth i did not buy it as my son was not there at the time. i thought it looked good to examine bee's with but i needed the 14 year old to say if it would work on our computer and how, as soon as the oik at maplin opened his mouth and started speaking giberish i was lost. i have enough problems with dyslexia and cancer i dont need giberish
Yes i have one, good for what it is,but no good for disease recognition,like efb or nosema. efb you need to use oil imersion x 1000.
Saw it in the Maplin special offers flyer received today, claims 200x and ?49.00. Alas can't advise as to it's suitability. it doesn't advise the size of the image in Megapixels, which would indicate the potential for taking the image and enlarging usable detail it in your photo editor.

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