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Jun 14, 2023
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Surrey, England
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I've been wondering how similar our experiences of Beekeeping are.

I really enjoy making a lot of my own kit, helping colonies grow, catching swarms and breading new queens.

There's a magical experience when returning to a queen mating nuc, discovering she's mated, and imagining the journey(s) she may have taken to do that, journeys that I'll never see happen.
Then the environmental aspect adds unpredictable challenges.
Before I started out, I thought honey would be the main incentive, now, that's well towards the end of the list.

What keeps you at the hives?
I reckon that nostalgia keeps me going through the winter - some of my earliest memories involve bees in one way or another; and beekeepers who I'll never see again outside of those memories.

Once we get to this time of year it's now just sheer enjoyment of being around bees. Having had major hand surgery a couple of weeks ago there isn't a great deal I can do but I'm still enjoying sitting amongst the hives, watching and listening.
not just bees i like to be outdoors .lucky that i live out in the sticks .nowing what to do if something gos wrong and i no longer need to ask .
being stopped by locals who want honey and ask how the bees are doing .not how im doing.trying to explain to someone you dont have room in garden for bees your kids and 2 dogs.and its not just about getting honey from them you do have to put some work in which some dont seem to get...allways have time to stop and bore people to death about bees..as i have been told to talk about something else ..i could go on ..
I love seeing new queens succeed. I think that’s my highlight.
I love the first proper look in after winter to see what there is but strangely I heave a big sigh of relief when I shut them all down for the year
I quite like being on here too.
Talking to people about bees and assisting training newbies.
Queen rearing.
Swarm prevention - a challenge.
Making a "profit" - before my labour (Otherwise making a big loss)
So many joyful things.
Learning and my brain going “wow that’s fascinating” being the top of the list.
Seeing people’s reactions when they learn I have bees. And the numerous questions that get asked, I love their genuine interest.
Making candles (who’d have thought!)
Honey as so many above actually pretty low on the list. I don’t even really like it very much! So the pleasure the people who repeatedly buy it is more of a pleasure giver than the eating that’s for sure!
For me beekeeping is therapeutic it helps with my mental well being, some of the other reasons - when I became a beekeeper I found gardening and beekeeping were and are a match made in heaven and I’ve learned so much about the landscape, plant biology and plant ecology from working with the bees.
Long may it continue untill I’m old and can’t lift boxes.
Watching the bees going back and forth ladened with pollen.
Seeing them on the flowers I've grown from seed in my garden
The smell of the honey curing as I walk down the path
Seeing the queen, finding eggs the list goes on and on
I just love it
I can’t say one single thing I enjoy about playing with bees. I just love everything.
I can say what I hate and that is extracting, jarring and labelling!
I was reminded of the excellent things associated with beekeeping as we were out at first light with them. The golden sunlight first catching the tops of the trees and the early morning light through as the forest.


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I guess for me, it's the challenge of trying to get things right when mother nature conspires against what I want to achieve.

And the science, I read a lot of papers.

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