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Apr 23, 2009
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We have just taken a super from the hive but we don't have an extractor as yet.

Is it ok to store a super and if so how? We currently have it in the shed, tied up in a sheet, ie no entrance for insects etc. Is this ok for a few days while we get hold of an extractor?

Thanks! Matt
You could leave it on the hive above the crown board and below the roof.
Make sure no bees can get in. Another crown board on top would be useful.
It's best to extract right away as depending what is in your honey it can granulate very quickly when it cools. Oil Seed Rape granulates quickly and if you get Ivy honey in September October it sets like concrete.

just keep it in a warm place for the short time until you extract it.
The hive is the best place to keep it so you get extractor. It is a warm place.

If the place is warm heated it may be too dry and the honey will dry upp in a week so much that you cannot
extract it.
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Ok, thanks for the advise.

I have it stored for now and I'm on a mission to get an extractor asap. I think I get one form the local assoc so hopefully it will only be in the shed for a day or two.