Dead colony: would you reuse the super full of stores?

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'.......especially with a sloping board just beneath the new entrance.'

Roger Patterson:
  • Place a piece of plywood, or similar material, that is wider than the width of the bottom floor entrance against the front of the hive below the new top entrance, sloping towards the ground and resting on it. This is to divert returning bees to the top entrance, but still allowing access to the bottom entrance around the board
When making an upper entrance doing a Bailey comb exchange etc I use the redundant dagger board of the Mirror dinghy (long deceased) that I built with the 'help' of my sons, then aged c6-8, in the late 1970s
Thanks Amari,
I've done something like this when using the Cloake board method. Dagger board would be perfect;)
When I do the reverse Demaree, I find that the older bees don't fly back to the new entrance...ever. They land at the back and then walk around briskly to the front. They get quicker at the walk, ends up much more of a scurry and quite entertaining with big pollen pants on, but I don't think I can teach old bees new tricks!

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