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Apr 28, 2024
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Hello, my name is Olivia Nesom, and I am a graduate student completing a Master's degree in Anthropology at KU Leuven located in Belgium. I am posting here to explore the possibility of establishing a partnership with an organization or farmer for my upcoming fieldwork project.

The fieldwork would involve a 6-week immersive ethnography ranging from the end of June to mid-August. During this period, I plan to employ a variety of research methods including observations, interviews, and potential video recording if permitted. My research will focus on the relationships between humans and bees in the face of climate change. When discussing this project with my supervisor, we decided that I should 'let the ethnography speak for itself.' This essentially would mean that I will not come in with a structured approach or formulated hypothesis, but rather immerse myself into the practice and learn first-hand.

Please let me know if you would be interested in exploring this partnership and I would be happy to provide additional details about my research plans. My contact information will be provided below. Thank you!

Olivia Nesom
Katholieke Universitet of Leuven
+32 493923353
[email protected]

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