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Feb 27, 2009
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At our Radio Club dinner a member won a vintage automatic Morse key circa 1930 or earlier. After the meal he was seen on his laptop looking to establish it's value with a view to flogging it on ebay to make a few bob with a quick sale.

A number of the members were horrified, by his lack of tact, manners and understanding. in that he didn't cherish the prize and that he was also effectively doing it in full sight of those that had just awarded him the prize. One or two thought the practice was normal.

What does the forum think?
I would tend to agree with paragraph two of the description of the event,minus the last sentence. Depends what you read into it i suppose.
Was it won,as in raffle,or awarded,like for gallantry.
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It doesn't matter what others think its up to him as it is now his property.:cheers2:
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I think it is disgustingly rude and offensive. Sure it's his prize so he can do what he wants with it, but there is a small thing called manners. If he wants to make a quick buck then he should have waited till he got home to view it's potential value.

My house is full of things like that and I would value it for what it is and what it has done in the past not it's monetary worth.

my dad was presented with a special bottle of 'famous grouse', the bottle is the shape of a grouse and was quite expensive at the time, my dad straight away went to open it to drink the contents, but was told that it was intended as a collectors item.

'I dont want a bottle of whisky sitting on my shelf if I cant drink it' was his reply and he offered it back to the presenter who declined the offer. My dad got drunk and the empty bottle now sits on display :cheers2:

I think with my lack of tact I would have told him he is an ungrateful git and if he prefered a cash prize he could have one

how much is it worth btw?
Did you manage to sell it Hombre?

Hombre wasn't selling it..............:confused:

Hombre was asking the forum members our opinion on the rights and wrongs of some mercenary git checking the value of his prize in front of the people who had donated it. A prize which should have more value for what it is not for what it is worth.

But then as the title says.......Philistine. There is just so much more to life than "What is it worth"

See my signature........

Well.......... staying with the biblical theme, I'd go with a good stoning, smiting, or a fiery furnace! (or any combination of the three)
And afterwards I'd drum him out of the association, and ostracise him permanently............ unforgiveably crass behaviour!
It was a joke, lighten up a bit.

Yes the guy was well out of order, I did understand it first time.

In all walks of life unfortunately there is always a snake in the grass.
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PeterS, ha ha, No, I didn't take part in the President's Trophy competition, too busy and insufficient interest I'm afraid.
The guy always has his lappy close at hand. He is both a radio ham and an IT bloke after all. He almost certainly had a radio with him too. People with 3G wifi dongle connections often do that. Lots of people had a radio not far away as well. Hams tend to talk tech after dinner when the table is clear and the drinks are about. Most of the XYLs swap notes about the general sadness and how nice it is that the OM spends lots of time in the shack where they know what he is doing - as if? :grouphug:.My XYL regularly reminds me of my skeds. No competition for the TV at all.

I don't know what the likely value is, but heard a figure of between £70 and £150 being mentioned. Other than putting it in a display cabinet, I don't suppose that it has a lot of use these days and I don't think he uses Morse code at all on the air.

I personally thought it to be rude and tactless but agree with you Veg, it was indeed his property to do with as he saw fit, but he might have done it quietly at another time and place.

Nice one Taff, but no. I see how you choose to rate me though. :(

The guy was an M0, Stephen. I have heard too many people use keys producing a slew of extra dits, to know that I'll stick with a simple straight key if I have to use Morse on the amateur bands.
I guess him checking the price there and then was in bad taste, many people have put items of fleabay or sent them to the auction house to rasie a bit of cash when they need it ?

Sad but true.

You could be sat on a fortune Fris.:drool5:


Who has been talking...............?


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