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Dec 4, 2008
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Scottish Borders
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Seemingly on Friday a young lady took up residence in my left boot, and on donning it yesterday she took umbrage and stung me through my thin sock.

I have to say that despite using Benadryl cream it is the most painful sting I have had for years. I was limping this morning and my ankle is quite swollen.

It's odd that it's just that odd one that really nips.

Other painful places, cheek bone, forehead, above the elbow, and nose.

The stings i have taken recently have been of greater pain and potency than those earlier in the year, and also varies from hive to hive.

I wonder if the bee increases its venom either by volume or strength, around the times when they have increasing ammounts of honey stores to defend ??
They are humpy at the mo- I got 4 stings on one hand yesterday as I checked one over - but not painful as I whipped the sting off straight away- Pete,(PH) your lady of the sock :ack2:- I bet it took a few more seconds to get to that - hence more poison-Did it get you out of breakfasts??
Sorry PH,I have this image of you taking one on the lips and asking guests "fwat fwood you like for bwekfast". :laughing-smiley-004

You already have the limp..
No Heather I didn't get it out so grafted in some discomfort.

Getting them out makes a huge odds yes.

PH (Who is a Scot)
got one day a sting on my thumb, just below the nail. my god it was painful..
Got stung on the eyelid recently blimey did that hurt. :ack2:
This happened last month at the club apiary. I was 30 yards away from the hives drinking tea. Wham. My BP dropped to 70 (from 140) I was sick and passed out. The other beeks thought I might have had a 'cardiac event' and called an ambulance. I was in hospital for 5 hours.

The same bee got me again two weeks later in the same circs, right between the eyes, but this time it didn't swell.

I'm gonna get those bas*ards back when they're not looking !
ouch, not a happy face !

its pictures like that that make me wonder if we are all mad....

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Luckily it just really hurt and did not swell (as i have been stung loads of times before). That is a great pic one to be proud of :)