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  • Hi Grizzly

    I wonder if you can help as you keep Langstroth hives.

    I was recently bequeathed a Langstroth Jumbo hive and bits. Although I am running 14 x 12 I am interested to try a top beespace hive and recently bought frames and foundation to fill the brood box.

    I bought Thornes wired foundation (Dadant -sized)and was a bit surprised to find that the langstroth frames have no side grooves to hold the foundation (a la National). I posted on this forum for some advice but got few replies.

    My question that i hope you can answer is: Do I need to run 2-3 horizontal wires on each brood frame and melt these into the foundation to give support to the foundation? I tried just installing the wired foundation as I would in a National , but it seems a bit floppy.
    Any tips on how I should proceed. i have never embedded wires in foundation before and would rather learn this skill, if necessary, later in my beekeeping career.

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