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Nov 10, 2008
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I'm thinking of getting a Land Rover to help me get across fields. I'm thinking of a Defender 110 pickup. Does any one out there have any opinon about these vehicles..!
Do it! Great trucks, if you have any mechanical experience or know how perhaps go fo an older model as the old ones are easy to do work on an parts are very cheap and easy to find.
I`ve had a 90 TDi, 90 TD5 and at the moment I`ve got the new model 90 Pickup. I`ve loved them all but especially the latest one with the 2.4 transit diesel engine & 6 speed, it`s almost like driving a proper car.

I wouldn't be without mine. I've only got stuck once. Mine is a 1998 Tdi. Rubbish acceleration and it doesn't like more than 60 mph but I'm not doing high mileage in it. Distance driving reserved for the family car, which is......... another Landie (11 seats and one of the few options for a larger family). Yes it's almost as obsessive as beekeeping.
What sort of MPG do you get? I gather the TDI 300 (last mechanical engine) gives the best combined MPG (27.5).
What sort of MPG do you get? I gather the TDI 300 (last mechanical engine) gives the best combined MPG (27.5).

i have a 300tdi 90 Van/estate with Discovery high ratio gears in the high gear of the transfer box, this makes it less noisy and better motorway fuel..35ish but low range gears are un affected

but as i live within the london M25, from april 2012 it will cost me £100 per day on the london pollution charge..any diesel van biult before 2001 will be looking for a good land rover TD5 late 2001
I haven`t really noticed much difference between any of the models I`ve had. I guess I get somewhere about 25ish but then I`ve usually got some kind of trailer on the back.
To be honest I only do around 4000 miles a year in it so the mpg doesn`t really matter too much but stick some chunky tyres on it and it`s the only thing that`ll leave a muddy showground without the aid of a tractor.
Well I went for something like 15 years since I passed my test aching to have a Landy, and I bought one 4 years ago (G reg Red 90 CSW) which I am told is quite rare.

Anyway, after spending as much again on a mechanical re-build, inc a 200tdI engine to replace the old D Turbo heap, it is F.A.B.

On some pretty chuncky agricultural tyres, it out pulled a 53 plate 110 TD5 last Autumn at a showground when a huge and heavy catering trailer got stuck - it even pulled a car that was parked illegally in gear with hand brake on !!! (Least said, ahem)

So go for it - and get a decent Ifor Williams trailer while you are at it to move your hives/children/firewood around in !
Thanks all for the comments, they were most useful...
as ex landy owner - they are the dogs watsits!! yes mpg is a bit naff, but the smile factor of driving one is beyond everthing else! we have always had 110 not 90s as need the space - and also has doubled up several times when travelling long distances as somewhere to kip. took ours down to gibralta when we first had it drive was wonderful!
I was waiting for a comment like that,nothing wrong with my Gaylander!!

p.s they are queen roller cages in the boot not hair rollers honest :laughing-smiley-004
I've had a 110 for over eighteen years - and brought it secondhand then so it's about 25 years old now. Pre TDi so re-engined it with a decent Nissan engine. Never looked back. Only thing that tends to rot on them is the chassis - though that's easily welded - check it carefully before buying though. Also - make sure you identify a good local Landover mechanic - preferably not a dealership (too expensive). The minor stuff like brakes, shocks, exhaust you will be able to do yourself, but the heavy stuff - gear box/clutch is best left to someone with the right equipment and experience - there's a lot of weight in a Landover. You may also want to upgrade your car tools to a larger size, and get yourself a club hammer - think lorry maintenance rather than Smart Car.
How far do you want to drive? If it is only a few local fields, and you're not planning on doing big mileage, get a well maintained Series II, early Series III or Lightweight. Many are tax exempt, parts are dirt cheap and maintenance is simple: hammer, 1/2" and 9/16" spanner and a few pry-bars.

If you are doing serious miles, then you don't want a Series. Defender is a much better bet. I've got a 4.6 LWB, and apart from the atrocious fuel economy, it is awesome.
Beware of rotten chassis, door bottoms, bulkhead, footwells,wear ear defenders and a warm coat, fill the seatbox with spanners and your wallet with cash and an AA card, then you will be fine.
You will have guessed im not a fan.
Maybe its just my bad luck but ive owned three defenders that have been dogs.
I bought a mitsubishi a few years ago as my wife would not have another landy,its been absolutely bombproof.
I have been thinking about L200 and Hilux vehicles as well. These qualify as light commercial vehicles and only have £185 VED as they have over 1,000kg carrying capacity.

Against this is the Land Rover which be it less reliable has cheaply readily available spares.

I do about 14,000 miles per year. 4,000 of which is over heavy Oxfordshire clay soil. It is the clay soil that is causing the problem, particularly with our wet summers.
A fair way away but well worth a look:,25,/Used_Landrovers.htm

Military trucks are very well maintained and sometimes you can get a real bargain, mine was ex reserves with only a few thousand miles on the clock, stored undercover and was like new even though it was 8yrs old when i bought it for £4,000.

I always wanted an ex MOD vehicle myself but SWMBO might have a sense of humour failure if it appeared on the drive....I am thinking tracked vehicle here mind !!

No issues then with clay !