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  • Hello,

    Just wanted to let you know, that if you are interested I can supply you with organic bulk honey from Bulgaria, 100 % pure herbal honey directly from producers for 2GBP per 1 kg if there are big orders.

    Kind regards
    hi luke, can i pick up some honey ( 2 buckets and 3 gross of jars please, i will be returning your two empty buckets, I would like to pick up on Tuesday please, and can you conform the total with your mum please.

    hi luke, thanks for getting back to me, ive got enough honey for 14 gross, is it ok for me to have/order 14 gross?? i can pay cash.

    hi luke,how are you?? im going to be checky, As i mentioned when we met, i get my honey jars at £29/ gross and i understand that you get your's at £25/gross.
    would you let me to add to your order or the divisons order please??

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