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Drone Bee
Nov 9, 2008
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Do any of you extract each apiarys honey seperately.

i ask because the 80+lb i took off in Spring, i mixed together and it has granulated, if i had kept some apart i may still have some runny available.

With the summer crop i was going to keep each apiarys honey apart, extract 1 lot at a time.

Anyone else done this ? or is it a waste of time.
I keep them apart, if only so I can put a unique lot number on the labels so I know where each honey comes from. If you mix them you will also lose any unique flavours the honeys might have, depending on the forage at the different apiaries. My best flavoured honey comes from my bees here in the town due to the variety of flowers they are working.

However, if it is all OSR then you could probably mix and not lose anything, but I would still avoid it if at all possible. If you want your honey to all taste the same buy it at the supermarket.