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Jul 23, 2009
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Dear Customer

May we wish you and your bees a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Our Winter Sale will start online at 3.00am on Saturday 2nd January 2016 when full details will be live on our website Telephone sale orders can be made from 9.00am on Monday 4th January.

As you will see below, we have the usual hive parts, frames but also lots and lots of accessories. Unless, you are keen to buy some of the very limited stock items, you don't need to be up in the middle of the night. Have a good nights sleep and order at a more civilised hour!

Orders over £100.00 will be sent carriage free within the UK, except the Channel Islands.

Sale ends at midnight on Sunday 31st January 2016.

We will send the orders out as soon as we can but please be patient. In previous years, we've had three weeks work for the despatch department in the first day of the sale! Payments made by card will not be taken from your account until the order is ready for despatch. Paypal payments are taken immediately.

Orders can be collected from Rand or any of our branches but by arrangement only.

If you don't wish to receive emails from us, please reply to this message asking to be taken off our database.

Shown below is a list of the items available.

Hive Parts – second quality cedar, all empty, flat packed and complete with nails and plastic runners

National Brood Body 17.00

10 x National Brood Body 160.00

National Super 13.50

10 x National Super 125.00

National 4” Roof 18.00

10 x National Roof 170.00

National Budget Open Mesh Floor 13.50

10 x National Budget Open Mesh Floor 125.00

National Crownboard, No Escapes 6.00

10 x National Crownboard, No Escapes 50.00

National Cover Board 4.00

National 14” x 12” Brood Body 28.00

Entrance block for budget open mesh floor 1.00

XP Excluder 2.50

17” GRID ONLY 5.00

Limited Quantities of

Commercial Brood Body 18.00

Commercial Super 15.00

Langstroth Brood Body 18.00

Langstroth Super 15.00

Frames – second quality timber, packs of 50s

DN1/SN1 26.00

DN2/SN2 34.00

DN4/SN4 29.00

DN5/SN5 37.00

14” x 12” 42.00

BS Manley 37.00

Commercial Deep, Shallow, Manley 37.00

Langstroth Deep, Shallow 25.00

Dadant Deep 30.00

Dadant Shallow 27.00

OSB Frames 29.00

Smith DN5 and SN5 37.00


Deep Plastic Dummy Board 5.00

Shallow Plastic Dummy Board 5.00

14”x12”, Commercial, Langstroth, Dadant Plastic Dummy Board 6.00

500g ¾” Frame Nails 3.50

500g ¾” STEEL Frame Nails 1.50

40 x 500g ¾” STEEL Frame Nails 40.00

Frame Nail Pliers 2.00

Rampin 5.00

Wire Crimper 3.00

Spur Embedder 1.00

Narrow Plastic Ends, Blue 3.25

Narrow Plastic Ends, Green 3.25

Castellated Mouseguard 2.00

Ventilated Mouseguard 2.00

Standard Mouseguard 50p

10 x Standard Mouseguard 4.00

Plastic Porter Bee Escape 50p

Circular Escape 2.00

Curtain Escape 3.00

Corner Supports, set 4 50p

Economy Hive Strap 1.50

Standard hive strap 2.00

Ratchet hive strap 3.00

B1 – Bee Brush 2.00

B2 – Bee Brush 3.00

B3 – Bee Brush 4.00

S/S Smoker, with removable firebox 13.50

Electric Smoker 13.50

Adjustable Fasteners, with screws 2.00

Pair of Spring Fasteners 1.00

Liquid Bee Smoke 1.00

WE2 Wire Excluder Cleaner 4.00

Apifuge 7.50

Frame Cleaner 1.50

Basic Hive Tool 2.00

Budget Claw Hive Tool 2.00

C1 Hive Tool 12.00

C2 Hive Tool 3.00

C3 Hive Tool 3.00

C5 Hive Tool 5.00

Pocket Hive Tool 3.00

National Frame Rest 2.00

Tool Grip 5.00

Palm Tool - large 6.00

Palm Tool - small 5.00

Z Tool 5.00

Api Charm 8.50

Occasional Jacket & Veil, Large 5.00

Open Mesh Helmet 5.00

Jacket and Fencing Hood (S, M, XL, XXL) 20.00

Jacket and Round Hat (S, M, XL) 20.00

All in One, Adult (XS, S, XXL) 35.00

All in One, Child (XXXS, XXS) 30.00

Large and XXL Leather Gloves with gauntlets 5.00

Plain Cowhide Gloves (XS, S, L, XL, XXL) 10.00

Vented Cowhide Gloves 10.00

Vented Goatskin Gloves (XL, XXL) 10.00

Uncapping Fork 2.00

Serrated Knife 5.00

Utility uncapping knife 4.00

Broad Uncapping Knife 5.00

S/S Double Strainer, 202 Grade Stainless Steel 7.50

Conical Tap Strainer 12.50

Plastic Honey Valve, 1 ½” 5.00

100kg Stainless Steel Tank & Strainer 110.00

25kg Mini Strainer & Valve 30.00

2 Frame Plastic Extractor 105.00

Hazard Warning Labels x 100 2.00

Hazard Warning Labels x 1000 10.00

1000 L12 Tamper Labels, various colours 10.00

Stainless steel Grafting Tool 3.50

Bamboo Queen Cage 30p

Queen Marking Kit 6.00

Queen Introduction Cage 25p

Plastic Press in Cage 25p

Turn & Mark Cage 3.00

Clip Catcher 2.00

Marking Cage and Plunger 2.00

Plastic Queen Catcher 2.00

10 x Galvanised Mesh, min size 12” sq. 5.00

Rapid Feeder 2.50

Box of 60 Rapid Feeders 130.00

BS Frame Feeder 7.50

Water Feeder 50p

Set of 9 Royle Posters 10.00

25 X Wooden Honey Server 5.00

Coloured Candle Sheets, Mixed Colours, Slight Seconds 5.00

50 Round nite light holders 1.50

50 heart nite light holders 1.50

2kg Bain Marie 12.50

100 Wick sustainers 50p

Very Limited Stock – All hive parts are Western Red Cedar – slight seconds, empty

National Sloping Hive Stand and Legs, flat 16.00

WBC Brood Body, flat 14.00

WBC Super, flat 10.00

WBC Lift, flat 12.50

Smith Brood Body, Flat 16.00

Smith Super, Flat 12.50

National Ashforth Feeder Unpainted 15.00

National Super Assembled 15.00

National 14”x12” Brood Body, Assembled 25.00

6” National Roof, assembled 20.00

National Sloping Hive Stand, Assembled 12.50

National Sloping Hive Stand with Legs, Assembled 18.00

Dadant Assembled Gabled Roof (No escapes) 20.00

Dadant Assembled Super, French Pattern 10.00

Dadant Assembled Brood Body, French Pattern 15.00

Langstroth Jumbo Brood Body (pushed together) 20.00

Limited Stock – Miscellaneous – Shop Soiled/Seconds/End of Line

5” National Roof, flat, 2nd quality cedar 20.00

Dadant pine super, 3rd 4.00

50 Dadant Manley Frames 27.00

50 Langstroth Manley Frames 27.00

17” Wire Grids OFF SQUARE 2.50


National Stainless Steel Wire Queen Excluder 12.00

WBC English Cedar Assembled Roof 10.00

10 prs WBC 9 slot castellated spacers 10.00

Foundation rollers (no mechanism) 100.00

National Hive Insulated Cover 8.00

Large Stainless Steel Smoker (Used Once) 20.00

Large Copper Smoker with Guard (Used) 20.00

Standard S/S Empire Smoker 20.00

Standard Copper Smoker with guard (Used) 17.00

Standard Galv Smoker with guard (Used) 12.00

Standard Copper Smoker (Used) 15.00

Bolt on Bellows 3.50

Flock Lined Gloves with Gauntlets 5.00

Correx travelling box 3.00

Bee Clearing Device 20.00

Warming Cabinet 120.00

Top tray only for cold uncapping tray 15.00

Thermostatically Controlled Uncapping Tray, USED 100.00

VF Mini Strainer (Used) 20.00

National Easi-Steam (no generator) 30.00

Large Uncapping Tray, stainless steel (Used) 150.00

2 Frame Plastic Extractor, damaged in transit and repaired 75.00

Combi Mel (9 Frame S/S Extractor)– additional carriage charge to Northern Ireland, Highlands and Islands apply 200.00

2 Frame UniMel Stainless Steel Extractor 60.00

3 Frame UniMel Stainless Steel Extractor 75.00

4 Frame MidiMel Stainless Steel Extractor 100.00

4 Frame MidiMel Stainless steel Extractor (no legs) 75.00

3 Frame UniMel Stainless steel Extractor (repaired) 60.00

30lb bucket (old style) 2.00

15lb bucket (old style) 1.50

8oz Comb Cutter (broken handle) 8.00

50 x assorted L12 75p

L.11 Best Before 2016 1.00

L.17 Best Before 2016 1.00

100 x 53mm lids 1.00

50 x 100ml plastic bottles 3.00

Propolis material off cuts 1.00

17” long rigid pollen strip 50p

Various Wax/Soap Moulds from 50p

QRN – Queen Rearing Nuc 10.00

Roof for QRN 50p

Polynuc 10.00

National Twinstock Floor 14.00

Press in cage with plastic strips 1.00

Smith Varroa Screen 6.00

Langstroth Varroa Screen 6.00

WBC Varroa Screen 5.00

Out of Date Clean Bee 2.00

B.S Mitezapper Frame 17.00

Langstroth Mitezapper Frame 17.00

Mitezapper Control Box 20.00

1 gallon contact feeder & lid (old style) 2.50

National Feeder Eke 3.00

Langstroth Frame Feeder 6.00

Framed Bee Pictures 4.00

The Honeybee, Inside Out 15.00

Reflections on Beekeeping, 2011 Edition 5.00

Manuka Soothing Gel 7.00

Propolis & Cinnamon chewing gum 50p

Pure Propolis to Chew 3.00

Propolis, clay, pollen and algae, 80 capsules, EXP July 2015 2.00

Propolis Organic Syrup 3.00

Propolis Tonic Potion 3.50

Propolis Hand Cream 5.00

Propolis Foot Cream 5.00

Bee Trinket Box 1.50

13amp fuses (x10) 1.00

Gill, Paul and Rebecca

E.H. Thorne (Beehives) Ltd, Beehive Business Park, Rand, Market Rasen, Lincs, LN8 5NJ 01673 858555 [email protected]
Hi are the midimel extractors new and would they be ok for two national hives at most many thanks Paul oh also does the£100 one have legs thanks in advance
Hi are the midimel extractors new and would they be ok for two national hives at most many thanks Paul oh also does the£100 one have legs thanks in advance

I think you're better off asking Thornes that question - though I doubt they'll still be around Monday!!
Seem a bargain but as a newbie don't want to jump in and waste money lol
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