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  • Just bought a 18 egg incubator, second hand but not used for £50 inc post... a Covatutte 16?

    Tracy's job... I have enough problems with the bees!!!!
    should arrive thursday....
    I'm still trying to find my way around the forum without stamping on anyones toes! something i am good at!!!
    Dave L
    BTW your lucky - my new year resolution was to do at least one (proper) favour for a fellow beek every month (my personal version of the "Beek Society" that call me dave is so fond of!).
    hi - if you are interested i can lend you a DIY forced air incubator to try - it's manual and will just take a dozen eggs. it's sat in my office and it'll be no trouble to send it to you for a borrow.
    last year we found that they were just as effective as our auto Rcom 20 or broody duck when it came to muscovy eggs (90-95% hatch).
    I noticed you mentioned that you take a primary school beekeeping club. I would be really interested to know how you manage it and what hoops you had to jump through to do it. Do you do it on school grounds or somewhere else? I would love to do this with my sons school but I would have to approach them with an example of how it can work! I hope you dont mind me asking. I have been approached by a lot of the children who know we have bees
    Hi, in one of your posts you mention the old ministry beekeeping films on youtube, I have looked for them without success; please could you send me a link to them if you still have it?

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