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Aug 10, 2017
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Sadly, I am no longer keeping bees so I have the following kit for sale:

2 complete National Hives, inc open mesh floors, brood box , plastic queen excluders, 2 supers each, crown boards with plastic porter bee escapes and flat metal roofs. One was built at beginner’s course, other purchased ready assembled Bees on a budget range (Thornes) both home grown economy cedar)
20xSN1 (Super) ready assembled Frames , new , still boxed
8x DN1(Brood) ready assembled frames, new
Hive tool
2 mouse guards
2 shallow feeders
Manipulation cloth
5 queen marking pens (barely used)
Queen press in cage

Unimel 3 frame stainless steel tangential manual extractor (With instructions)
30lb bucket with nylon valve
3x 15lb buckets and lids
Nylon Fine and coarse strainer
Uncapping fork

2 BBWear Deluxe Bee Suits (pale blue) , small and large adult, in very good condition

(Plus all my other other miscellaneous items!--eg, traditional skep for collecting swarms, beginner beekeeping books in good condition)

All equipment is used but is clean and in good condition (hives have been scorched), I purchased all equipment from new and I would like to sell these as a complete lot if possible. I live 5 miles from Cambridge.

Price £750, buyer collects!

Thank you

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