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Thornz sale list

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I'm upfront with my husband

I just don't tell him how much the kit costs.......he has no idea:icon_204-2:

If he found out I might have to ask JB if I can share his mum ;)
Three big brown boxes with yellow tape have just arrived! Didn't expect them so fast! Best make some room in the shed quickly!
No, I don't think it is the right one. Their bees on a budget suits usually cost £44. I don't know if they're any good.

Zips are rubbish to be honest. 3 went on my 1st one, they changed it without quibble though.
Being very careful has meant 2nd one has lasted over a year without breakages.
Anyone that has had a delivery from thornes did you get an e-mail to say it was on its way or did it just turn up?
In my account in thornz it says order pending
Dispatch Email received Monday evening, parcel arrived this morning!
Had email today coming tomo wil im at work and wife working from home so wil have to explain why I bought more **** to go with to 60+ hives I already have empty in the barn
No email received but arrived today (Wednesday 8th) - now that's good service!
My 4 boxes arrived at work today at 8.30am. haven't checked them yet as was teaching from 8.45am but im seriously impressed with the speed of delivery considering the website was so busy on Saturday.

Well done Gill and staff at Thornes.
Mine still says pending, I did mail them to see if anything was wrong. They are supposed to be doing them in order.
I think mine may come tomorrow, had an email, to say despatched.
Most impressed that my T's order (from Saturday 1240 ish) was delivered on Tuesday evening. Strangely enough, my Paynes order came on the same van!
I still haven't recived my order. Has everyone else recived theirs?

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