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Oct 12, 2009
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preston. Lancashire
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Dear Beekeeper

It's now just a week until our first Wragby Open and Sale Day to be held at our new premises at Rand.

Saturday 20th November. Bargains available from 10.00am.

The full address is Beehive Business Park, Rand, Nr Wragby, Market Rasen, LN8 5NJ. It is about two miles west of Wragby - follow signs for Rand off the A158. If you came to the Wragby Open Day last year, you will know that parking was a problem; we even had the local constabulary turn up to ask some customers to move their vehicles! That won't be the case at Rand; we literally have acres of space to park.

As I write, many of our staff are emptying our Wragby shop and shelf filling at our new shop in Rand. So from Monday (22nd November), the new shop will be open. A small gift and a photographer are ready to greet our first customer.

The sewing department were the trail blazers up to Rand a couple of weeks ago, the engineers department are hot on their heels and the wax plant and wiring department will be next. Courtesy of BT, it will then be the office and, dependant on the Electricity Board, the woodworking department will be last.

We're all very excited about the move - at the risk of a groan; there is a real buzz from everyone involved.

Our restaurant will be operating all day next Saturday. No strawberries this year of course. We think soup and baked potatoes will be more appropriate. Coffee, tea and biscuits will be free but we'll have a bucket for donations to Bees for Development.

Our top class speakers will include Graham Royle, Simon Croson, David Kemp and Bob Mould with some colleagues from FERA. They will be scattered over the main building including one of them in the boardroom with the chandeliers. Most visitors tell us they're sure to get lost because it's so big so we'll provide everyone with a map.

Bob and Elaine from Bees for Development will be here as well as Pam from Bee Craft. Also Amy will be asking you to help her with her dissertation and fill in a questionnaire.

As always, we'll have a Beginners area. Here, local beekeepers will be on hand to give advice to would be beekeepers on the items you need to start beekeeping. Expert beekeepers with sharp elbows are not welcome here!

So, down to the details of our bargains.

We will have second quality hive parts and frames as detailed below. All prices include VAT.

Pallets of:- (the price is each!)

National super - £12.00 National Roof £16.00

National Open Mesh Floor 12.00 National Brood 15.00

National Crownboard 7.00 National 14"x12" Brood 26.00

National solid floor 12.00

Limited numbers of:-

Smith brood 16.00 Smith super 12,00

WBC lift 10.00

Thirds - a few dead knots so will need remedial work to make them serviceable.

10 National Supers 30.00

10 National Brood Bodies 40.00

Very good quality red cedar seconds!!

National Super 15.00 National Brood Body 18.00

Frames (in 50's)

DN1/SN1 £24.00 DN4/SN4 £27.00

14" x 12" 40.00 BS Manley 35.00

Langs Deep, Shallow 35.00 DN5/SN5 35.00

Commercial Deep, Shallow 35.00 Dadant Shallow 35.00

Langs Jumbo/Dadant Deep 40.00 Commercial Manley 35.00

2 Frame Plastic extractor 99.00 Bees on a Budget hive 135.00


500g 3/4" Gimp Pins £3.00 Frame Cleaner £1.50

Narrow Plastic Ends, 100 3.00 Stainless Steel Smokers 15.00

Correx Dummy Board 1.50 Helmet 5.00

Jackets and Veils 20.00 Jacket and Hood 20.00

Basic Hive tool 2.00 S/S Hive Tool 5.00

Porter Bee Escape 50p Beekeepers perch 1.00

Uncapping fork 2.50 Wire Crimper 5.00

Bee Brush 2.50 Secateurs 1.50

Hive Strap, economy 1.50 Hive strap, standard 2.00

Hive strap, ratchet 3.00 Frame Grip 5.00

Frame Nail Hammer 2.00 17" square grid 2.50

Natural queen excluder 2.50 Harmless Queen Excluder 2.00

Box of 100 Harmless excluders - rejects so will need some work to smooth the odd burr £50.00

Liquid Bee Smoke 1.00 Nylon Valve 5.00

Swarm lure 3.50 Set of 4 corner supports 50p

Occasional Jacket & Veil 5.00 Hat and veil 3.00

15lb Bucket, per 10 15.00 750 Gold plastic lids 40.00

100 Plastic Mini Pots 3.00 S/Steel Double Strainer 15.00

8oz Comb Cutter 10.00 Conical Tap Strainer 10.00

Stainless Steel Valve 25.00 Honey for Sale sign 50p

1000 Granulation labels 5.00 1000 Tamper Labels 10.00

50 4C cartons 7.00 Clip Catcher 2.50

Round Bee Escape 1.00 Pair Leather Gloves 5.00

Plunger Marking Cage 2.50 Plastic Queen catcher 2.50

Telescopic Queen cage 50p Pollen Trap 7.50

20 Honey servers 5.00 Belinda Bee 2.50

Bees Wallchart 5.00 Rapid Feeder 3.50

1/2 gallon feeder 2.50 100 Bee Pins 5.00

Tinplate Pouring Jug 2.00 Candlestix 75p

Rub on Transfers 75p 10 sheets coloured foundation 4.00

Blow Torch 25.00

New items on introductory price

BS Plastic Deep Dummy Board 3.00

BS Plastic Frame Feeder 7.00

Hobby Kreation Moulds @ 60%+ off list price.

And lots of other bits and pieces!

It is first come-first served so don't be late!

If you can't attend the Open Day or you prefer to wait for our Winter Sale, that will follow very soon. It starts online at 9.00am on 29th November.**** More details to follow very soon.

Gill Smith

E.H. Thorne (Beehives) Ltd

Off yo go guys rip it apart looooooooooool ( fence / ice cream )
Jul 8, 2010
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As one who hates shopping with a vengance, ashamed to admit to a tad bit of excitement here. Itching to start getting next years gear sorted.

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