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Oct 3, 2010
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There is a few things on there that I would be interested in...

Our Winter Sale will start on Monday 29th November at 9.00am online when full details will be on our website

Frames - in 50's - second quality which means a few small knots, maybe a bit of discolouration or small split but perfectly serviceable.

DN1 or SN1 25.50

DN4 or SN4 30.50

DN5 or SN5 37.50

BS. Manley 37.50

14" x 12" 42.50

16" x 10" 37.50

Langstroth Deep, Shallow or Manley 37.50

Commercial Deep or Shallow 37.50

Cedar Hive Parts in the flat - in utility grade cedar which also means a few small live knots, maybe a bit of discolouration or small split but perfectly serviceable.

National Open Mesh Floor 13.50

National Roof 19.00

National Brood Body 18.00

National Super 13.50

National Crownboard with two escapes 9.00

National 14" x 12" Brood Body 29.00

Smith Brood Body 18.00

Smith Super 14.00

Smith Floor 13.50

WBC lift 12.00

WBC Crownboard with two escapes 9.00

We also have

National Harmless Plastic Excluder 2.00

Box of 100 Harmless Plastic Excluders - rejects - so will need a little work to smooth down the odd burr 70.00

100 Narrow Plastic Ends 3.00

Stainless Steel Smoker 15.00

Basic Hive Tool 2.00

Mixed Coloured Candle Sheets, pack 10, mainly dark colours with some missing corners, small splits 4.00

Plastic Porter Bee Escape 50p

Wire Crimper 5.00

500g 3/4" Frame Nails 3.00

Secateurs 1.50

Stainless Steel Thermos Flask 8.00

Api Herb, expired March 2010 3.00

Bee Attract Seeds, expired August 2010 1.50

Stainless Steel Double Strainer 15.00

Lactic Acid, expired April 2010 5.00

Round Plastic 6 way bee escape 1.00

Pollen Trap 7.50

Red Mason Bee Book 2.00

100 Bee Pins 4.50

All prices include VAT

Orders over £100.00 are carriage paid within the UK

Gill Smith

E.H. Thorne (Beehives) Ltd

Beehive Business Park, Rand, Nr. Wragby, Market Rasen, LN8 5NJ

01673 858555 01673 858555 [email protected]
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