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Drone Bee
May 12, 2009
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Just been around the bees and they are incredibly busy, the weather is nice with sunny periods and the bees are all over the hive fronts today - this should last until the end of the weekend given the forcast.

Still lots of pollen coming in too.

Anyone seeing non-ivy pollen coming in at more urban areas? I was driving across Lincolnshire yesterday and so many back gardens are still rammed with flowering plants.

I've not noticed any non ivy pollen comming in but my Nuc was working the fuschia quite hard today.

Does anybody know if they use fuschia for pollen and what colour it would be?

Michaelmas daises are in full production around here (pollen darker, more orangey than ivy ?).

John Wilkinson
Same thing with mine. Working fuschia and theres even some gorse which has just started flowering. I thought gorse was a spring source?? Whilst talking about fuschia I've loads of it about but its only in the past three weeks that the bees have started working it. Anyone know why??
Michaelmas all finished- but still on Bacopa and Tagetes enthusiastically. Ivy just coming into flower
it does make you think, the flowering season is really 10 months of the year, ok its small amounts at certain times, does anyone know if anything starts flowering in Nov/Dec?
Don't know which, but my bees were taking in pollen on the winter solstice and Christmas Eve last year. They were then busy again in mid February.

Regards, RAB