Got me first sting!

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Mar 19, 2009
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North Derbyshire
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As the title says, I just got me first sting. A friend said that all his stings are from silly mistakes and I think mine fits into that category.

Never open a hive without smoke!

I simply popped the crown board off to add the QX and as soon and I laid the QX down a suicide bomber came flying out straight for my head. She only had one thing on her mind! Ended up with a sting on my forehead. :ack2:

It took me a few seconds to realise I had been stung as she was buzzing around so much (most probably not very happy about her sting being ripped out).

Still I am still breathing ok so guess I am not allergic:party:

Beekeeping teaches you something new everyday!
i got my first one yesterday, not as bad as i expected. the first of many me thinks:)
It is the "I think I'll just adjust this..." moments that tend to lead to stings. I watched a friend adjust his roof on a hive that had been sitting in its new position in a field of rape. The bees poured out of the entrance and he took a couple of stings. Did we laugh? :)

I haven't had one yet this season, but I'll deserve the first one.
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One thing i have learnt in my very short beekeeping life is never to be complacent, particularly always remember what your last manipulation was, the splits i did the other day on my hives about to swarm, two days later those guard bees stung me well away from the hive and in a spot they have never entered before.

They were obviously still furious and need a good week to settle.

It is the "I think I'll just adjust this..." moments that tend to lead to stings.

Yep that was it, mixed with a bit of complacency.

Still I hooked it out with me hive tool pretty quickly, only hurt for an hour.:conehead:
ive had a few stings now but am not to sure what to make of the last couple i have had.

the last but 1 was a sting near my wrist and my wrist/hand swelled up and i had to have a course of antibiotics this has never happened before when i have been stung so i am wondering if i am allergic to the bees or if it is due to me being alergic to different sorts of pollen. the last sting has gi ven me a simmilar rash but no swelling although it itches like mad and another sting i got at the same time hasent give me this at all.

Any ideas?
Hi Burch

Stings do vary. A good proper sting that isn't quickly removed makes me itch. Swelling over two joints is said to be normal. Some sites seem to give worse problems than others.

I see no particular reason to worry about allergies, other than the general worry that - very rarely - bee sting allergies can be dangerous.

I've been through that and have been desensitised. The danger signs are symptoms away from the vicinity of the sting - an all-over rash, feeling light-headed, swelling elsewhere. I don't know how many beginner's classes discuss this topic, but understanding bee venom allergies and knowing what to do is an important part of beekeeping I reckon.

best wishes

Who would like to confirm for me that stings are worse when the bees are feeding on the heather ?
You mean the bees are more stingy, or the stings themselves are worse? I know people say the first, but for me the end of the OSR is worse.

You mean the bees are more stingy, or the stings themselves are worse? I know people say the first, but for me the end of the OSR is worse.


The pain from the stings,I remember reading it somewhere ?
I went to check my two nucs on a field of rape that I placed there on Sunday. I was just making sure that they were still there and upright rather than inspecting. These bees were so docile I could have opened them without a veil. I was seen off in seconds today. Didn't get a sting but was amazed by the change in temperament. :smash:
Gavin, have you any idea why the Rape winds them up so much ?
No, unfortunately. You could speculate (pollen gets stuck all over them, the rape has chemicals of its own) but I don't really know.

Could it be small pollen particles geting trapped between the plates ?
The pollen is a similar size to many others and bigger than willow for example, so I don't see that as likely. At the end of the OSR season you can see on many bees caked areas of sticky pollen - on legs, antennae and the face for example - and that might be the cause. They just can't seem to get it off.

I nearly said maybe neonicotinoids could have a role, but beekeepers have known that rape does this to them for decades so that rules that out.

best wishes

Maybe they are like larger louts they just get too much of the good stuff :):cheers2:
god bless all of you who have been stung for the first time,
a small tip from some who knows it wont be your last, as for pain try asking some of the other not when but how many stings in one time, bees only no wasps or hornets other wise i could scare the lot of you and no africanised bee either they dont count unless they are in the uk
In my experience bees on rape and heather are more defensive so my thought is monoculture.

As for more painful on the heather , no, just more of them. AMM on heather is a pure joy to work... not.


On third glass on Skye after an excellent run up.

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