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Burco Boiler

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May 8, 2009
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Southampton Hampshire
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Does anybody want a Burco boiler, its a bit tatty and looks quite old.
Ive tried it and it works ok.
Collect from Southampton.
Free to collector
You are joking! Southampton to Scotland? Just a tatty old burco boiler!! Hope you are not making a special trip!

One arrived outside my door this morning. No lead or lid; don't know if it works. But I will find out shortly. It will be a back-up for my existing one, as the valve is a screw up job so not so good as the other one which is the old type(?) which seems easier to unblock.

They are very useful for frame cleaning or maybe making sugar feeds.

The over-load cut-out needed attention on my first one, along with a new lead with a square pin plug.

Regards, RAB

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