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Aug 3, 2009
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Hi Everyone,

This has been talked about and mentioned in other threads but we would like to make things official and let the forum know some details.

A New National Event on the UK Beekeeping Calendar

The Beekeeping Show is a brand-new, independent one-day trade show on the UK beekeeping calendar, established and organised by a team drawn from across the industry.

Our aim is to stage a first-class not-to-be-missed annual event for visitors and exhibitors alike, specifically to:
  • interest beekeepers of all types, scales and experience
  • attract comprehensive representation of the UK manufacturers and suppliers
  • welcome the return of European suppliers to events here in the UK
  • develop the show into an internationally recognised trade event with exhibitors drawn from around the globe.
The inaugural show will take place on Saturday 25 February 2023.

Telford International Centre has been selected as the venue for the show. This purpose-constructed exhibition centre provides high-standard space and facilities, quality catering, plentiful on-site parking (free to show visitors) and several hotels providing accommodation for all budgets.

The venue’s central location is easily accessible from all parts of the UK. By vehicle, it is just a couple of minutes off the national motorway network. A nearby rail link offers a sustainable public transport option. For those travelling by air from further afield, the venue is in easy reach of Birmingham International Airport.

For full details, see the dedicated show website – – which is now live for exhibitor and visitor bookings.

We look forward to welcoming you to the show.
I'll definitely put that in my calendar, how exciting
I hope the car park has EV spaces, you have not mentioned them, for somewhere isolated like Telford it will be useful.
I'm guessing you are having a laugh. Its under 30 miles from Shrewsbury, Stafford, Wolverhampton or Birmingham. We've even got 3 three of them right know just 4 miles from where I live.
Sounds good let’s hope some of the big European suppliers do come. I’ll hope to make it, and luckily I don’t require an EV point😂
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Definitely thinking of going being as Telford is 1 hr away from me, I haven't been to any beekeeping shows as yet.
Interested to know if there will be talks by any beekeepers?
There often are. There were at Tradex. Why don’t you offer to do one on starting up.
There often are. There were at Tradex. Why don’t you offer to do one on starting up.
I wouldnt be confident enough maybe when I have a few more years under my belt.
If I ever did I would like to do one on different types of honey or forage, weather.
A honey sommelier.
You’ll have to set up some pollen analysis
Aye a conisure :cool:.
Lots of information some folk don't also know about forage and weather, you have some knowledge and data I might pick your brains...
Fantastic this has real potential.
"Tacking along the M62 could be interesting!"
Just hang on to your beekeeping bargains! ;) 😮
well, as you've broached the subject I seem to be taken all aback

I was rather hoping to have the opposite effect and buoy people's spirits but you'll just have to roll with it- I couldn't resist the opportunity to pitch in with that line. Could probably fill a sheet of paper with comments like this, although I doubt many will stay reading this thread now I've done a run of puns- suspect it'll mean they reach their limit of my jokes rather than them asking for more.

Boom boom!


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