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We will all have to wear name badges at this rate and have a party;)
Welll .... funny you should say that as I might have a stock of appropriate bee shaped badges lurking somewhere in my stock that can be made available a bit nearer the event ,,, for a small fee of course !
I hope the car park has EV spaces, you have not mentioned them, for somewhere isolated like Telford it will be useful.

The venue is currently looking into providing charging facilities on site but there are facilities near to the venue.


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Too right!

I gave a talk to the Walthamstow Gardening Club a few years ago and sold about £260 in half an hour.

Yesterday at the allotment AGM I made just on £500 in an hour.
If I have any available still in January it will certainly be on sale. Problem is most of the members are already customers or beekeepers! 😀

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