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Nov 11, 2008
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Nantwich, Cheshire
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I was asked to give a presentation on beekeeping to a group of non beekeeping women.
I thought this might be an ideal opportunity for the local associations to get involved particularly as my presentation skills are not of the highest calibre.
After contacting both local beekeeping associations they both promised to get back to me.
Guess what! Not an e'mail, phone call or any contact whatsoever.
I know it's a busy time with extracting, varroa treatment etc. but I'd have expected at least some contact!
Very disappointed but, I must say, expected.

its a shame but associations vary is size and ability, some simply operate at a different level to others and so expectations can often not be met, personally I don’t think an association should exist under the BBKA umbrella if it cant do the basics, ie get back in touch
The associations round my neck of the woods are simply magnets for the self important, im better than you brigade.

However, that aside, when i first started i did attend my local one, and i enjoyed a few talks that were given, what you could do is contact your local County Association and they should be able to provide you with a comprehensive list of people who are more than willing to speak about bees and all manner of subjects.
Hello Peter,
I did a talk with a powerpoint presentation for the local Methodists a couple of years ago. Can you get a projector and a screen? If so I could send you the presentation. It's pretty self explanatory so you'd just have to turn up in your bee suit with an empty hive and bumble your way through it.
P.M. me with your email address if you're interested.

Steve J.
Hi guy's

Many associations do not reply to the individual member as these 'drones' that sit 'on committee' deem we are not worthy of a response. Its the same with many associations.

I have given many a presentation to groups so tell me what you intend to talk about and I'll knock you up a PP programme to suit.

When talking to non beekeepers, it is quite simple . I usually start by stating that this is not a lecture but an informal talk on my beloved hobby and to please feel free to ask questions at any time. You'll be surprised how quickly the 1 hr usually allotted flies by :), madam chairman normally steps in to wind up the talk :cheers2:.
Don't be surprised if you are also asked to judge a competition , the last one I did was a Honey label. I picked a winner, grabbed my fee and beat a retreat :cheers2:.

Thanks to all who have been kind enough to offer help.

I have put together a PP presentation consisting of about 20 slides dealing with topics from equipment used to honey as an end product. A couple of minutes each slide + questions and hopefully the hour will be filled.

Again thanks to all.


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