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Drone Bee
Nov 14, 2008
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Warboys, CAMBS
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nil bees given away all colonies
I am receiving e-mail notification of replies to posts.

When I look for my posts it does not appear.

OK I get the message loud and clear.

Bcrazy & Metamorphosis
Sounds like a technical issue. You are liked and respected my me and many others. Doubt there is anything going on.
I am sure Admin will jump in and give an answer.

It is possibly a glitch left over from the hack?
oops thats my fault Mo,
I set your posts to "Moderate all" because the database does not allow 2 seperate user accounts from a single ip address and I was getting a spam report to my email address every time you made a post because you are using 2 accounts.

I will correct it now,it was a genuine mistake,sorry.

From the database user guide:
If an IP address has more than one acount then all posts are always placed into moderation queue.
I am now back to posting and may I say thanks to all those who mentioned me and the pm's.

I promise not to bee a Pain in the backside of Admin and just to get on with things.

Oh before I forget, Admin there is a couple of points etc.......... only joking.:)

Welcome back Bcrazy,loads of members will be happy to see you posting again.

You would of been missed around here,even by me ;)
Aarraahh isn't Admin kind?

I hope you've Metamorphed permanently :cheers2:.
All very confusing this DoubleAgent thing :spam:.